Seven competencies have been identified that are particularly appropriate to any programme .

1. Acquiring and using information—competence in acquiring and processing information about political situations.
2. Assessing involvement—competence in assessing one's involvement at stake in political situations, issues, decisions, and policies
3. Making decisions—competence in making thoughtful decisions regarding group governance and problems of citizenship.
4. Making judgments—competence in developing and using such standards as justice, ethics, morality and practicality, to make judgments about people, institutions, policies, and decisions
5. Communicating—competence in communicating ideas to other citizens, decision makers, leaders, and officials.
6 Cooperating—competence in cooperating and working with others in groups and organizations to achieve mutual goals.
7. Promoting interests—competence in working with bureaucratically organized institutions in order to promote and protect one's interests and values