Futurescope is theme park near Poitiers which offers holidaymakers a futuristic vision of land, sea, sky and cosmos, using state-of-the-art technology activated by wearing binoculars containing an integral camera and an interactive sensor bracelet. The Magic Carpet is a virtual reality ride with filmed wildlife in biodiversity hot spots of the world projected in front and below. The building itself consists of two areas of double HIMAX technology, one above the other, separated by an oblique glass floor. In the upper area, nearly 250 seats in tiered rows face a giant 672 m² screen. In the lower area, a second inclined screen, 748 m² large, stretches out beneath the spectators' feet. Two films are projected simultaneously from two projection rooms equipped with IMAX technology. You 'Meet the masters of the air and the sea and join them as they journey free across their habitats. Two gigantic screens, one in front and one under your feet, let you fly like a bird above the whales and dolphins…'