8 Community action plans

The term 'Community Action Plan' is the broad term for action plans produced in local communities based on the priorities of individuals and families who comprise a community. They lay out a shared vision over the next 5-10 years and contain a detailed action plan for achieving this vision. It is up to the members of the community to define the issues to be tackled through Community Action Plan.

It can be a process by which an idividual or a family organises its life in relation to the major issues that confront them. On the other hand it can be a process by which the whole community can voice their opinions on what actions they wish to see taken in their local area in the future.

When the plan is completed it highlight actions that can be taken by community members to meet their objectives. A the community level it can be used to influence councils and service providers, and act as evidence of need when applying for funding.

Community Action Plans guide community action to meet local needs, help prioritise use of resources and can provide important information to help influence the policies, decisions and actions of others.
Another term that can be applied to many aspects of community action plans it conservation management. This stresses working to objectives for living sustainably which are expressed as management of the resources of the community to help preserve or restore them from loss, damage, or neglect. Resources include anything produced by humanity that makes life in a community worth living. Conservation planning is a vital part of behaviour change required to promote a shift from ‘material wealth’ to ‘spiritual wealth’