Niche Flipper Review
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There’s everyone else’s way of confusing Market Research then there is the Niche Flipper way. Rene shows you how to quickly and effectively do your entire market research in just a few short hours and how to extract every convincing point to craft powerful copy that does one thing… CONVERT!

This information is super useful to get the information you need to craft those conversion pulling landing pages. The golden nuggets I took away from this made me feel like I just robbed this guy for the money he is charging. He just changed the way I’ll do market research forever. NO HYPE!

In this video Rene takes you back in time and shows you his thought process of a niche he conquered that only cost him a few hundred

Niche Flipper Review
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dollars to make and earned him well over $300,000 in a two year period. He shows you the weaknesses he spotted on other vendors websites and what data he looked at in order to determine whether he was going to jump in head first to conquer the niche.

This is literally an over shoulder walk through of what things you have to look for in the competition before you jump into a niche as a vendor. I all the reviews I have done, I have never seen anything broken down like this. I’m blown away.

With over 10 years of outsourcing experience for various types of e-businesses and over $1,000,000 worth of work contracted. Rene can teach you a little bit on how to build an effective team that doesn’t break the bank and allows you to leverage your workload and concentrate on the things that make you money.

In this video Rene gives you a sneak peak at one of his $100,000+ accounts on elance and shows you how he hires new trust worthy and knowledgeable talent at deeply discounted prices to build out parts in hot new marketer he’s in the process of conquering. So he’s

Niche Flipper Review
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not only telling you. He’s actually showing you REAL TIME/REAL WORLD tactics that he uses to conquer NICHES!

In this Lesson Rene shows you the different trends in video styles marketers are using. He shows you what videos He’s spent thousands of dollars on that flopped and what videos He’s spent ZERO dollars on, that have made him a small fortune. If your working with Video or plan on working with video. This is for you.

In this video. Rene shows you a real time niche he’s in the process of conquering. He takes you by the hand and shows you all the weak spots he’s uncovered in the market and shows you why other vendors that recently jumped in to profit from this niche are failing to take it over.

He leaves nothing out and shows you his complete and proven system of attack IN ACTION! I’ve never seen a vendor tackle a niche in real time. This is pure GOLD!

In this video He takes you by the hand and shows you why affiliates run to promote his products instead of the competitions. He breaks down the essentials tools vendors must have in order for affiliates to be successful in promoting your product.

Get this part wrong and no one will promote anything you make. His affiliate’s area makes me jealous.

Are you ready to see a bullet proof way to test a niches profitability without wasting months or a ton of cash building your niche website only to be disappointed by the lack traffic you can convert? Rene shows you how to test a new niche you’re interested conquering in just a few short days without breaking the bank. He never enters a new niche without testing the waters with this method and after you learn it neither will you!

That’s the system wrapped up! I have literally never seen something like this. Its product creation, If you are serious about starting an online business or if you’re an affiliate promoting products. THIS SYSTEM IS FOR YOU!